Farman HF 22/23 (SW 10/11), reconnaissance aircraft, 1913-1917

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Farman HF 22 (SW 1) of the Swedish Military Aviation Company

Five biplanes of Henri Farman’s famous designs HF 22 and HF 23 were used by the Swedish Army Aviation. All were destroyed in crashes. The two HF types were similar, only the wing span was different.

The first specimen was an original French HF 22 machine and got the designation B 2 (Biplane No. 2). The other four aircraft were licence-built by the Swedish railway-carriage manufacturer Södertelge Verkstäder (SW), which had started an aircraft department in 1913. They gave the Farmans their own designations SW 10 and SW 11.The original French aircraft was fitted with an 80 hp 7-cylinder rotating Gnome engine. Some of the Swedish-built machines also used other engines.

Photo at top: This SW 10 was donated to the military aviation by the artist Anders Zorn.

Length:  8,8 m. Span: 15,5  m.  Height 3,2 m. Maximum take-off weight: 590 kg. Max. speed: 110 km/h.

For the Model Builder

Omega Models of the Czech Republic has a resin model kit of this aircraft in scale 1:72 for sale. Decals for Swedish and Swiss markings are included. The catalouge number is 72272. Click on the thumbnail for larger image.
Model kit of Farman HF 20/22 by Omega Models.
Farman HF 22 of the Swedish Military Aviation Company

Lieutenant Carl Silow as pilot (forward) and : Lieutenant Kugelberg as observer in Farman HF 22 1914. Carl Silow, known as a skilful pilot and perhaps the best flying instructor in Sweden, became the first victim in the military aviation. With the Farman, he got into a stall, a unknown situation at this time. The aircraft was totally destroyed in the crash and had to be written off.  


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