Thulin D ”Parasol” (reconnaissance aircraft and trainer, 1915-1918)

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  The association Skånska Kvinnor (Women of Scania) raised a fund and donated a Thulin D to the Swedish Army Aviation. It was handed over at a ceremony on the 20th of August 1915. The following year, Skånska Kvinnor donated another Thulin D, now to the newly formed Army Aviation Company.

The aviatior seen on the photo is Nils Kindberg, well-known Swedish military pilot who also was test pilot of the Thulin aircraft industy (AETA). After retirement from the Air Force he devoted himself to Swedish avaition history.

Photo of a Thulin D aircraft with doctor Enoch Thulin himself in the front.

  A Thulin D aircraft with Doctor Enoch Thulin himself in the front.  

  This small model of a Thulin D is om display at the Airforce museum a Malmen/Malmslätt near Linköping in Sweden.   
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