FVM J 23 and FVM J 24 (Fighters,1923-1926)

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Five J 23 interceptor fighters were built in 1923. The model was advanced for its time. The plywood-covered fuselage was self-supporting. The type was powered by a 260 hp Maybach engine. Due to a failure in the wing construction (bad gluing), which led to a fatal crash, the type was soon withdrawn. Photo above of J 23 # 3119.
An improved model, J 24, was designed by FVM and delivered in 1925. This model had a stronger engine, a 300 Hispano-Suiza. The machine was of heavier and stronger design than J 23, but this made the aircraft harder to handle. In a dive at the trials, the fuselage broke apart, but luckily the pilot managed to make a safe landing. Photo below.

After this accident, this monoplane was changed to a biplane with the designation J24B. Trials started in October 1925. But now a lot of time had passed. Cheaper foreign aircraft with similar performance could be obtained abroad. Only the prototype was built. Photo below.

J 24: Length:7,25 m. Span: 9,70 m.  Maximum take-off weight: 985 kg. Max. speed: 197 km/h.

J 24B: Length: 7,25 m. Span: 9,8 m.  Maximum take-off weight: 1,215 kg. Max. speed: 223 km/h.

J 24 # 4121


J 24B # 5121


Model of J 23 # 3111 displayed at Flygvapenmuseum.    



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