Armstrong Withworth Siskin Mk IIA (evaluation aircraft, 1924-1926)

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Amstrong Withworth Siskin Mk IIA - evaluation aircraft at the Swedish Army Aviation Company

At the International Aviation Fair in Gothenburg in the summer of 1923, ILUG 23, the new double-seated biplane AW Siskin Mk IIA was exhibited, probably registerd as G-EBEU. Another aircraft of this type, G-EBHY, arrived to Sweden in November, 1923 and was sent to Kiruna, a town north of the Arctic Circle,  for winter trials together with a Bristol Fighter F.2B. After the test, in extreme cold, both aircraft were purchased by the Army Aviation. However, the Siskin crashed in summer 1926 at Malmen due to a pilot mistake.

The aircraft was powered with a Armstrong Siddely Jaguar engine of 385 hp. It was never fitted with any armaments.

Photos: Top of G-EBHY at Malmen. From the collection of late Erik Svensson. Below: The Siskin exhibited at ILUG 23 at Gothenburg.

Length: 6,86 m. Span: 10,08  m.  Maximum take-off weight:720 kg. Max. speed: 240 km/h.



Amstrong Withworth Siskin Mk IIA - here exhibited at ILUG 1923 at Gothenburg / Göteborg Sweden




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