Fiat BR / Fiat BR1 (Bomber, 1924-1937)

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Swedish Bombers Fiat BR and Fiat BR1 for the Army Aviation Company

In 1923 and 1924 were three Fiat BR and two Fiat BR1 purchased from Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT). The aircraft were almost of similar design, even if the BR1 had a larger span, which improved the performance slightly. Both types were powered by a Fiat A 14 (700 hp). The armament consisted of a 8 mm movable machine-gun, operated from the rear seat. The BR could carry 350 kg of bomb load, the BR1 630 kg.
The Fiats were used very sparsely by the Army Aviation. The were mostly used as two-seat reconnaissance aircraft and advanced trainers. 
In 1926, when they were transferred to the Air Force, they got the designations B 1 and B 2 (B = Bomber).
Photo: BR1 # 3406 from the collection of Lars E. Lundin, Västervik.

BR1: Length: 10,19 m. Span:17,20 m.  Maximum take-off weight: 3.660 kg. Max. speed: 242km/h.




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