AEG G.V (Twin-engine bomber, 1919-1922)

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In spite of the prohibition for Germany of selling aircraft abroad after the armistice, Sweden managed to buy six surplus AEG G.V (Grossfleugzeuge Type V). The aircraft themselves were of little interest for the Swedish Army, it was the engines, 260 hp Mercedes,  that were important. Six aircraft were purchased and delivery flights began to take place from Berlin to southern Sweden. All aircraft were delivered without any kind of armaments or radio equipment. Some were hit by serious crashes during the delivery flights and had to be replaced.

The G.V:s were however flown, if only sparse, as reconnaissance aircraft by the Army Aviation Company. Some were damaged in crashes. The last aircraft was written off in 1922. After that, the Mercedes engines were used to power the S 18 reconnaissance aircraft built by FVM at Malmen.

Model displayed at Flygvapenmuseum

Length: 10,80 m. Span:27,30 m.  Maximum take-off weight:4.800 kg. Max. speed: 145 km/h.


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