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SAAB started in 1946 to design a jet aircraft as a replacement for the propeller attack-,  night fighter and  reconnaissance aircraft used in the Swedish Air Force. The result was the SAAB 32 Lansen (the Lance), a two-seated aircraft with swept wings (29 degrees).  

The all-weather fighter version was designated J 32B. This version was fitted with a license-built Rolls-Royce Avon Series 200 engine. In Sweden, it was designated RM 6A. The thrust was 4.790 kp. With the after-burner, developed by Svenska Flygmotor together with Rolls-Royce, a thrust of 6.600 kp could be obtained.

J 32B was armed with four 30 mm Aden automatic cannons. It could carry four Sidewinder air-to-air missiles as well as rockets.  Of the 456 Lansen aircraft built, 120 were delivered in the  J 32B version. Six aircraft were later modified as target-tugs with the new designation J 32D.  Twelve aircraft were modified for electronic warfare and got the designation J 32E.  

The J 32B on the photos (# 32606) belongs to Flygvapenmuseum, but is operated by a group of volunteers with connection to the Air Force Wing F 7 at Såtenäs. The aircraft was approved by the Air Force in March, 1960 and was later proved with winch and other equipment for target towing, thus carrying the designation J 32D. It now carries the markings of the disbanded night-fighter wing F 1 at Västerås. 




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