J 34 - Hawker Hunter F.4 Mk 50 (1955-1969)

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Swedish Air Force Jet Fighter Aircraft J 34 Hawker Hunter

The Air Force needed to equip the two fighter wings F 8 (Barkaby) and F 18 (Tullinge) near Stockholm with modern aircraft before the SAAB J 35 Draken was ready for service. Their mission were primary to intercept enemy bombers, which were expected to attack our country from high altitudes. 

The Hawker Hunter had been delivered in quantity to the RAF. The Swedish Air Force decided to order 120 Hawker Hunter Mk 50 from Britain. The deliveries started in August of 1955 and the last Hunter was in Swedish service about two years later. The Swedish designation became J 34.  

The J 34 was not fitted with radar (as the successor J 35 Draken)  and  was consequently a pure day fighter aircraft. Its flying characteristics was excellent. It was a fast aircraft - maximum speed 1.150 km/h in spite of the fact that the Rolls-Royce Avon 23 (RM 5B) engine lacked an after-burner. The engine gave a thrust of 4.080 kp.  

The armaments were from the beginning four 30 mm Aden automatic cannons. Later it could be equipped with two Sidewinder missiles (Swedish designation Rb 24).  

Wing F 8 was disbanded in the beginning of the sixties. Their J 34s were transferred to F 9 at Säve just outside Gothenburg. When F 18 got their new J 35 Draken, their Hawker Hunters served at F 9 and F 10 (Ängelholm) until 1969.    

Photo at top: "R" (Rudolf) of the red (1st) Squadron of Wing F 18 at Tullinge.

One original J 34 (# 34070) is exhibited at Svedino's Automobile and Aviation Museum at Ugglarp in the markings of 2nd (blue) Squadron of F 10 (code "P", photo at bottom). One is on display at Flygvapenmuseum (# 34016) in the markings of 1st (red) Squadron of F 9 (code of "06", photo below). Some ex-Swiss Hunters of the F.6 version are flying in Sweden, painted in Swedish Air Force colours. They are provided with ”saw-teeth” on the wings, which not was fitted on the original Swedish J 34s.



For the Model Builder

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A RAF Hawker Hunter on a stamp from Gibraltar issued in 1978
A RAF Hawker Hunter on a stamp from Gibraltar issued in 1978
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