S 7 - Hawker Hart (1934-1936)
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A Hawker Hart was demonstrated for the Swedish Air Force at Ljungbyhed in 1932. The reason for this interest from the Swedish authorities was that the old S 6 (Fokker CV-E) reconnaisance aircraft needed a successor. Four Hawker Harts were ordered, although only three were delivered. The three aircraft arrived in Sweden in 1934 and got the Air Force designation S 7. (Individual Air Force numbers 301, 302 and 303).

But the S 7s were never used for air reconnaisance. The Air Force had just begun to develop the dive-bombing technique. Hawker Hart showed itself to be well suitable for this purpose. The three British-built Harts were rebuilt to dive-bombers and got the new designation B 4. Further 42 Hawker Harts were license-built in Sweden, designated B 4A and B 4B.

See chapter "Bombers", "B 4".

Photo: # 301, 302 and 303 lined up outside the hangar. Via Lars E Lundin, Västervik.

Span 11,35 m. Length 8,56 m. MTOW 2.070 kg. Maximum speed 260 km/h.


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