1st Airforce Group, usually called "the Supreme Commander's hammer". This because it was the only Airforce Group that took orders directly from the Supreme Commander. It would meet an unexpected attack against our country without the slighest delay.

Försökscentralen - The Trial Establishement 

"Semper Comperiemus" - "Always investigating"

Robotavdelningens Försöksplats i Norrland - The Missile Department Testing Range in Norrland (Vidsel)

"Probere Necesse est" - "Testing is necessary"

"Subvenimus" - "Coming to the rescue"

Target Towing Squadron. "Semper Primus" - "Always First"

TFHS (Trafikflyghögskolan – Lund University School of Aviation) at Ljungbyhed

Flygvapnets Halmstadsskolor - The Air Force Schools at Halmstad
Flygvapnets officershögskola - The Air Force Officer's Academy. "Per Omnia Auxilio"
Räddningstjänst - Rescue Service
Flygbasjägarna - The Air Base Commandos
1st Helicopter Squadron, Stockholm
11th Navy Helicopter Squadron, Stockholm

"Si Modesti Perfecti Essemus"

Anti-Submarine Aircraft Group - 13th Helicopter Squadron
The insignia of the Navy painted on HKP 1 at Flygvapenmuseum

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