Trp 3 – De Havilland D.H. 90 Dragonfly (1937-1943)

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Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft Trp 3 / Tp 3 de Havilland DH 90 Dragonfly

The Trp 3 was the first real transport aircraft of the Air Force. The exterior of the aircraft – de Havilland D.H. 90 Dragonfly - was similar to the more famous D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide. But appearances are deceptive. The fuselage of the smaller “Dragonfly” was of  a more modern monocoque design, even if it was constructed of wood. The added strength of the monocoque hull allowed the manufacturer to delete the nacelle/wing root bracing struts of the de Havilland 89. This made the access to the cabin easier for crew and passengers. 

De Havilland produced totally 66 D.H. 90 Dragonfly aircraft.

The single Swedish Dragonfly was powered by two Gipsy Major inline engines of 130 hp each. It had room for a crew of two and three passengers.  

The Trp 3 was used by the Headquarters of the Air Force for liaison and VIP-transports. Most of the time, it was based at Wing F 8 at Barkaby near Stockholm. After a landing incident in 1942, the aircraft got severe damages. Among other things the wing spar became cracked. The Dragonfly was never repaired. In May 1943, it was officially written off. 

In the summer of 1940, the designation was changed to Tp 3  

Photos from Malmen of the single Swedish Trp 3, SwAF/n 906 (C/n 7550). The photo below shows the aircraft in older markings.

Length: 9,65 m. Height: 2,79 m. Span: 13,11 m. MTOW: 1.814 kg. Max. Speed: 237 km/h.


Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft Trp 3 / Tp 3 de Havilland DH 90 Dragonfly

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