Tp 7 - Miles M 3A Falcon (1940-1944)

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As the Air Staff lacked a suitable liaison aircraft , a civilian Miles M 3 A Falcon, ex SE-AFN,  was bought in May of 1940 and got the military designation Tp 7. As an Air Force aircraft, it was based at Wing F 1 at Västerås. It got the Air Force number 913. Miles’ C/N was 216. 

The Miles Falcon was a design of the thirties, but still it was and fast smart looking. It was four seated and powered with a de Havilland Gipsy Major 10 Mk 2 in-line engine of 139 hp.  

Tp 7 served at the Air Force until 1944, when it was sold to Svensk Flygtjänst AB with the civil registration SE-AFN. In 1962, it was sold back to the UK and got the registration  G-AEEG. Although an accident at a take-off in 1997 with some damages of the aeroplane, it is still airworthy and flies regularly at air shows. 

Length: 7,62 m. Span: 10,67 m. Height: 1,98 m. MTOW: 1.150 kg. Max. speed: 280 km/h. 




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