Tp 10 - Fokker F VIII (1942-1943)

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Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft Tp 10 Fokker F VIII

The Fokker F VIII ”Jämtland” (SE-AEB) made a short career in the Air Force during the state of alert of the Swedish defence forces in 1939-1945.  

The aeroplane was bought used from KLM of the Netherlands (ex PH-AEG) by the major Swedish Airline AB Aerotransport (ABA) in 1934. It had a capacity of 14 passengers and was used for the traffic between Stockholm and Gothenburg. In 1942, it was acquired by the Air Force. It was removed from the civil register and got the military designation Tp 10. The Air Force registration number became 916.  

The Tp 10 was based at the Reconnaissance Wing F 11 at Nyköping. But as it was in bad condition from the beginning, it just made service for about one year. In October 1943, it was flown to the Air Force’s workshop at Västerås (CVV) for major repairs. However, because of its bad condition and lack of spares, the aircraft was instead scrapped.  

The Tp 10 was powered by two Pratt & Whitney Wasp T 1 D1 engines, each delivering 750 hp.   

Photo of model from “The Air Force 75 Years” – an exhibition at Landvetter Airport by Kent Runfors Nils Carlsson and  Håkan Eriksson - members of the Swedish Aviation Historical Society and International Plastic Modellers Society of Göteborg.

Length: 16,75 m. Span: 23,00 m. MTOW: 5.700 kg. Max. speed: 200 km/h.



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