Tp 45 – Beechcraft 18S (1948-1958)

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Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft Tp 45 Beechcraft 18S

In 1940, a Beech 18R, equipped as an flying ambulance, was delivered to the Air Force. This aircraft, designated Tp 4, was new from the manufacturer.  

The Beech 18 was from the beginning designed for the civil market. When the WWII broke out, USAAF ordered a military version, the C-45 Voyager. Further variants, including the UC-45A Expeditor, was built. Over 5.200 military Beech 18s were manufactured, including 411 Expeditor I and Expeditor II for the RAF according to the Lend-Lease Agreement.   

After the war, many aircraft were sold as surplus to countries all around the world, for military as well as civil use. Two aircraft - one C-45A and one C-45B - were bought by the Swedish Air Force. The difference between the two versions were not too big - the C-45A could take seven passengers whereas the C-45B could take eight. The only noticeable difference of  the exterior was the design of the landing gear. The C-45A got the Swedish designation TP 45 and the C-45B TP 45A. They were assigned the Air Force numbers 45001 and 45002.   

The two aircraft were mostly used for VIP-transports at Wing F 8 at Barkaby close to Stockholm. In 1956, the 45001 was written off due to full running time. 45002 was at the same time re-based to the naval aviation Wing F 2 at Hägernäs and fitted with floats. This aircraft was damaged in a landing accident in 1958. The crew was unhurt, but the aircraft was written off.   

Like the Tp 4, the TP 45(A) was powered by two Wright Whirlwind R 975 E3 engines. Each engine delivered 450 hp.   

Photo of Tp 45 # 45002.

Length: 10,40 m. Span: 13,00. MTOW 2.710 kg. Max. speed: 285 km/h.



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