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Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft TP 100 SAAB 340B


In 1980, SAAB and Fairchild signed an agreement for the co-operative development of an aircraft to meet regional airline operators' needs. This resulted in an aircraft with a pressurized cabin, three-abreast seating and two turboprop engines on a low wing. The construction used composite materials in some areas. With standard seats, it could take 34 passengers. The airliner got the name SAAB-Fairchild 340. Five years later, Fairchild withdraw from the co-operation and the aircraft changed name to SAAB SF 340. In 1987, an improved version -  SAAB 340B - was introduced. Also a lengthened version for 50 passengers - SAAB 2000 - was manufactured. 

One SAAB 340B, military designation TP 100A, was acquired as a replacement for the narrow TP 88. The TP 100A is used for VIP-transports, including passengers from the Government  and the Royal Family. Air Force number is 100001. TP 100A has an accommodation of ”executive type” with 17 seats.

In 2004, two second-hand SAAB 340Bs were purchased to replace the three smaller TP 101 (Beech Super King Air 200) transport aircraft. They lack the VIP-accommodation and have got the designation TP 101C. Air Force numbers 100008 and 100009.

The Air Force also operates six modified SAAB 340B (S 100B) as Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft, carrying the FSR 890 ”ERIEYE” radar.  See the chapter ”Reconnaissance Aircraft”.  

SAAB 340B/TP 100 is powered by two General Electric CT7-9B engines of 1.870 hp each. The engine has got the Air Force designation TAM 9 (TAM = turbinaxialmotor). 

The production of civil aircraft at SAAB has now ceased. The 459th and last SAAB 340 was delivered in 1999.    

Above: # 100001 at Bromma Airport, August 1992. Photo: Lars E Lundin ©.

Length: 19,73 m.  Span: 21.44 m. Maximum take-off weight: 13,155 kg. Max. speed: 528 km/h.



For the Model Builder

Broplan (Janusc Brozek, Gdansk, Poland), well-known manufacturer of vacuform kits, has released a model kit of SAAB 340B/TP 100. Catalogue number is MS-115.

The kit is described as “Finely formed vacuform kit with injection moulded small parts. Alps (quite useful!) decals included for two Swedish AF, a British AFW, American Eagle and a Golden Air” Scale 1:72.

Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Vacuform kit of S 100B by Broplan, Poland. Scale 1:72. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

    Swedish passenger aircraft SAAB 340. Stamp from 1987.            SAAB 340 from Air Åland. Stamp - Åland 2007.

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