TP 101 - Beech Super King Air 200 (1989-2004)

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The Swedish Air Force operated three Beech Super King Air 200 transport aircraft. The Swedish designation was TP 101. All three were bought in second-hand from civil operators and were of slightly different variants. They were used for personnel transports (nine passengers) and for training of pilots for the TP 84 (Lockheed C-130 Hercules). The avionics included GPS and Omega navigator - systems which are installed in the TP 84. The TP 101 was, as the TP 84, mostly flown under civil flight regulations. 

The Model 200 Super King Air was first flown in October 1972 as a further development of earlier designs. It is fitted with a T-tail and has a wing with larger span and greater fuel capacity  than its predecessors. The type is used military in USA as the C-12/UC-12 Huron transport and as the T-44 trainer aircraft.  

The TP 101 was powered with two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-41 turboprops (TAM 8), delivering 2 x 850 hp.  

The first TP 101 (Air Force number 101001) crashed in 1990 and was totally destroyed. Another aircraft (101004) was bought the following year as a replacement. This last TP 101 has, unlike the other aircraft, no cargo door.    

Photo at top of # 101002 at Jönköping September 1996 (in the original olive green colour scheme and with the new round insignia of Wing F 21 on the fin. This insignia was introduced in the 1980s.

In the late 1990s, the TP 101s were repainted in a two-colour grey scheme. The photo below shows the same aircraft, now re-painted. Some aircraft were painted with gloss and other with semi-gloss paint. Note the insignia on the fin (“U” –the dangerous lynx that “Looks and Strikes”. It is the old famous insignia of the 3rd Squadron that papers again – but now in black. The photo is taken at the home base – F 21 at Kallax – in August 2001. 

Both photos: Lars E. Lundin©, Västervik.

Length: 13,30 m. Span: 16,55 m. MTOW: 5.670 kg. Max. speed: 510 km/h.



For the Model Builder

The Czech model maker RVHP has produced a resin model kit of this aircraft in scale 1:72. Some parts are of white metal. Catalouge number is 72168.





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