TP 103 - Cessna 550 Citation II (1998-2001)

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The Cessna Citation family is a large one. The different variants are high-performance business-class jets which have good performances combined with a good fuel economy. Great efforts have been made to give the jet a low noise ”footprint”. 

The Cessna Company made large investments in the project, which at first bore the name ”Cessna Fanjet”. The prototype was ready for trials in September 1969. Shortly after the first flights, the aircraft was renamed ”Citation”. 

The Swedish Air Force operated two secondhand  Cessna 550 Citations II, designated TP 103. Both were based at Wing F 17 at Kallinge near Ronneby. 

The first one, (c/n 0272, ex. VR-BVV and SE-DVV), got the Air Force number 103001. It belonged to the Air Force from October 1998 to November 2000. It was sold to the civil market as SE-DVV (later YU-BVV).

This aircraft was replaced by another aircraft (c/n 0717, ex. TC-SES) with the Air Force number 103002, in November 2000. It was sold in December 2001 and became SE-RBM in the civil register (later OE-GBC).

TP 103 had a crew of two and could take ten passengers. It was powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-4B double-stream engines, each delivering a thrust of 1134 kp (11,1 kN). 

Length: 14,39 m. Span: 15,90 m. MTOW 6.400 kg. Cruising speed: 710 km/h.

Top and below: The TP 103001 at F 4, Österund. Photos: Lars-Åke Siggelin



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