Links for Medical Students

Three members of the family , John, Julia and Siri, are either registred doctors or medical student. Two of them are also married to doctors. Below they list some links they regard as useful for everyone who is studying medicine.
Histology World by Sarah Bellham. See also links below.
A site with all sort of aspects on histology


1. Histology "audio slides". Photomicrographs with describtions.
2. Testbank of practice questions with explanations.
3. Photoalbum with 1500 histology images.
Atlas of Human Anatomy
A site with good traditional (2-D) anatomy illustrations. Easy navigation from  overview images down to detailed illustrations.
ECG Learning Center
How to interpret electrocardiograms. Several hundreds of examples.

Evidence-based updated descriptions of diseases. A part of the large website Medscape.
DermIS (Dermatology Information System)
The largest dermatology image atlas on the internet with thousands of illustrations.  Pictures and differential diagnoses on almost all skin diseases.
The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
A comprehensive collection of pathology images along with text tutorial and examinations. A Per Hultman favourite.  - hematology atlas

A great number of images in this hematology atlas. See for more information.

The Human Protein Atlas

The Swedish Human Protein Atlas
Quit smoking

An U.S. official website about the dangers of tobacco and with hints how to quit smoking.

The Best Electronic Cigarette Blog, dedicated to helping people quit smoking.
Gapminder - for a fact-based world view 
How the health of the  world is changing and other matters. Professor,  Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm is "Edutainer" & co-founder of Gapminder Foundation  An introduction to forensic medicine - in Swedish  Even more histology
TRAUMA.ORG - Care of the Injured
Try your traumatology skills!
Ed's Basic Histology Gallery

This site contains many good pictures with texts. Many questions with answers for self-test. A perfect histology site for anyone who studies medicine.

The world's most detailed 3D model of human anatomy online Not just health, statistics about everything (almost) Excellent illustrations of the eye and its diseases


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