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Kallebystenen, Rune Stone at Tanum Church, Bohuslän



Kallebystenen, Rune Stone at Tanum Church, Bohuslän. Kallebystenen, runsten nu placerad vid Tanums kyrka, Bohuslän.



  Kallebystenen, Rune Stone at Tanum Church, Bohuslän, Sweden

This is nowadays raised at Tanum church in the village of Tanumshede in Bohuslän. The stone was found in the early 19th century when it was used as a footbridge over a stream at Kalleby about 5 km south of the church. It is not known where its original location was.

The inscription is cut with runes belonging to the Elder Futhark (24 runes). It is dated to the 5th century. The runes shall be read from bottom to top.

The height of the stone is 2.1 m and the width 1.6 m.

The runes read:




The meaning is unclear. "ÞRAWIJAN" means "yearning", and is interpreted as either a name or an epithet. "HAITINAR" means "was named".

Several interpretations of the text have been suggested,  for example:

- Yearning was imposed (on him)
- Þrawija's (monument)
- (I/he) was commanded/called
- (I/He) was promised to þrawija




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