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Church Bell with Runes, Hyssna Church, Mark, Sweden






  Church Bell with Runes, Hyssna Church, Municipality of Mark, Sweden

The largest church bell at Hyssna in the Landskap (Province) of Västergötland is a masterpiece for its time. It is about one meter high and one meter wide. The bell was cast on the 16th of July in 1345 by the well-known Master Håkan. Håkan also cast the bells for the churches at Herrljunga, Malma and Älvsered. The bell he made for Hyssna church has a notable inscription in Latin, ending with runes. Master Håkan made a mistake - he pressed the loose types for the characters into the mould from left to right. Thus, after the cast, the text has to read from right to left. It appears as this:


  Transcripted it reads: + Anno  : domini : Mo:CCCoXLo : quinto : decimo : septimo : klas : augusti : curato : ecclesie : domino : olavo : tutoribus : ecclesie : gedstavo : et : nicholao : haqvinius: fudit : hane : campanam : magno : rege : svecie : dno : siggone : espiscopo : scarensi : +

Below this text are the following Latin words written in runes. Note that these characters also have to be read from right to left:



This means:  "År 1345 den 16 juli, då herr Olof var kyrkoherde och Gustaf och Nikolaus kyrkvärdar, göt Håkan denna klocka. Magnus var Sveriges konung och herr Sigge biskop i Skara.

Hell dig Maria! Jesus.

(In English: Year 1345 on 16th of July, when Master Olof was Parish Priest and Gustaf and Nickolaus churchwardens, Håkan cast  this bell. Magnus was King of Sweden and Master Sigge Bishop of Skara.

Bless You, Maria! Jesus)".



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