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Marstrand Church in Bohuslän




  Marstrand Church

Marstrand was once an important town for the export of fish. Marstrand, as the whole Bohuslän, belonged to Norway/Denmark until the Peace at Roskilde when it came under Swedish jurisdiction. Nowadays Marstrand, located on an island at the Swedish west coast, is a part of the municipality of Kungälv.

The church has its origin in the middle Ages and was then combined with a Franciscan monastery. The monastery was pulled down in the 16th century when the Scandinavian countries converted to the Lutheran confession. In this period the existing tower was built.

The church has been rebuilt and renovated several times, most recently in the mid-1990s when it was painted white. The location of the well of the old monastery is marked with stones in the street outside the church.

On the photo we see the church of Marstrand under the high walls of the mighty wall of the fortress of Carlsten.

Marstrand belongs to the Diocese of Göteborg (Gothenburg), the County of Västra Götaland and the Province of Bohuslän. Photo: Lars Henriksson,
27th of May, 2008.

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