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Klädesholmen Church in Bohuslän


Klädesholmens kyrka. Flygfoto av Lars Henriksson, www.avrosys.nu, 2005



  Klädesholmen with the Church in the Centre - Aerial Photo

Klädesholmen, an old fishing village and known for its traditional canning industry, is located on some small islands southwest of the larger island Tjörn, which is also the municipality it belongs to. Klädesholmen also forms the parish with the same name.

The church was opened as a chapel in 1793 and is currently the oldest of Tjörn's churches in service. It is built of wood in a neoclassical style.

The church consists of the nave, a straight ended chancel in the east with the same height and width, a sacristy close to the northern wall and a small tower in the west. The tower contains a porch in the ground floor. The exterior is largely unchanged since the inauguration.

The church got it first bell in 1797. A second bell was fitted in 1963. The christening font from 1916 is cut of granite. A votive ship, a traditional thing in the churches lying close to the harsh sea, was donated to the church in 1803

Klädesholmen belongs to the Diocese of Göteborg (Gothenburg), the County of Västra Götaland and the Province of Bohuslän. Photo: Lars Henriksson,
17th of September, 2005.

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