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Mollösund Church in Bohuslän


Mollösund kyrka och Mollösund kyrkogård med devisen "Tänk på döden". Flygfoto Lars Henriksson, www.avrosys.nu



  Mollösund with the Church in the Centre - Aerial Photo.  The Photo at Top Right Shows the Entrance to the Churchyard.

Mollösund is an old fishing village on the west side of the island of Orust in Bohuslän. Mollösund belongs to the parish of Morlanda and the municipality of Orust.
Mollösund church was inaugurated 1866 and replaced an older church. The old one was probably built during the great herring fishing period from 1556 to 1588. During the middle of the 19th century the church proved to be too small for the growing population. As the old church also was badly in need of repairs, the parish decided that a completely new was to be built.

The directives for the design of the new church was that it would fit "a number of audience and the demands of the times perfectly appropriate and dignified temple." Like the practice and tradition of other churches Sweden, the right side of the church would constitute man's side, and the church left side of the women's side, "in accordance with decency and modest demands ..."

The altarpiece remains from the old church. It has two paintings; to the left of Christ's birth in Bethlehem and the three wise men, and to the right Christ's crucifixion on Golgotha.

On the wall to the left and right of the altar hang two paintings from the old church. The pulpit ceiling is from the old church, while the rest of the pulpit is from 1866. Also the baptismal font is from the old church.

The front of the gallery is decorated with paintings from 1781, featuring biblical figures from both old and new as to the time.

The bell in the tower was donated to the church in 1926.

The entrance to the churchyard across the road is fitted with solid gateway of concrete with the harsh motto: "Tänk på döden (Think about Death)". See the photo!

Mollösund belongs to the Diocese of Göteborg (Gothenburg), the County of Västra Götaland and the Province of Bohuslän. Photo: Lars Henriksson,
17th of September, 2005.

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