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Category  7 - Agriculture - Lantbruk

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.Treshing machine, 19th Century - Ångtröskverk. Size 1500 x 1100 pixels.

Seed drill, 19th Century. Radsåningsmaskin. Size 2300 x 1700 pixels. Mowing-machine, 19th Century -  Slåttermaskin - Size 2100x1700 pixels. Reaping-machine, 19th Century - Skördemaskin - Size 2300 x 2100 pixels.

Machine for turning over hay, 19th Century - Hövändare - Size 1700 x 1400 pixels.

Threshing machine  1500x1100 px Seed drill 2300x1700 px Mowing-machine 2100x1700 px Reaping-machine 2300x2100 px Hay tosser 1700x1400 px
Horse rake, 19th Century - Hästräfsa - Size 1900 x 1400 pixels. Hay press, 19th Century - Höpress - Size 2400 x 1800 pixels Farm in the south of Sweden. 17th Century. - Size 2800 x 1400 pixels. Separator for separating cream from milk, 19th Century. Size 3400 x 3200 pixels Groats mill, 19th Century - Gröpkvarn - Size 2800 x 3900 pixels.
.Horse rake 1900x1400 px Hay press 2400x1800 px Farm, 17th Century -  2800x1400 p Separator 3400x3200 px Groats mill 2800x3900 px
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