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Category  3 - Old Swedish Navy and Navy sailors and officers - Svenska marinen och sjömän

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Swedish Navy seaman, armoured ship HMS Äran 1906 - 100106 Swedish Navy seaman, early 20th century. Genuine photo - 100107 Swedish Navy seaman - around 1900 - 100133 Swedish Navy seaman, armoured ship HMS Thor. Around 1900 - 100134 Swedish Navy seaman, around 1900 - 100136
Swedish Navy seaman, around 1900 - 100139 Swedish pilot, around 1900. Genuine photo -  100105 Swedish pilot with wife. Around 1900 - 100137 Swedish Navy Frigate 19th century - 100140 Swedish torpedo cruiser HMS Örnen 1898 - 100116
Swedish armoured ship HMS Svea 1898 - 100115 Swedish armoured ship HMS Thule 1898 - 100114 Swedish Commodore O Lindbom 1898 - 100120 Swedish Commodore C O Olsen 1898 - 100117 Swedish Minister of Navy Gerhard Dyrssen 1897 - 100121
Swedish Admiral and Prime Minister F W von Otter 1899 - 100128        
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Old Swedish Navy and Navy seamen

The first six photos on this page are from our own family album. We do not know who these sailors names, but probably they are relatives to us who made their military service in the beginning of the 20th century in the navy. All grown up in fisherman families at the archipelago west of Gothenburg in Sweden. The sixth and seventh photos are probably also of unknown relatives. According to their uniforms, they are pilots employed by the Swedish Maritime Administration.
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