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Category  4 - Old Swedish Army - Svenska armén



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Swedish soldier, beginning of 20th century - 100108 Swedish soldier, around 1900 - 100135 Swedish soldier with rifle and bayonet, around 1900 - 100138 Swedish cavalryman. Around 1900 -  100141 Medal for bravery in the field. Used in the Swedish Army from 1789 in silver and from 1806 in gold (for officers). - Medaljen För tapperhet i fält. Använd i Sverige sedan 1789. Size 900 x 1000 pixels.
        Medal for bravery in the field 900x1000 px
Nordic warrior. Around the year of 1300. Size 1000 x 1700 pixels. Swedish Colonel E Th Grönwall 1898 - 100118 Swedish Major G W Lagercrantz 1898 Swedish Colonel O W Falkman 1899 Swedish Colonel K G Bildt 1899
  Nordic Warrior 1300 AD -  1000x1700 px        
Swedish Major-general L W Stjernsted 1899 Swedish Colonel C A L Nordenadler 1898 Swedish Colonel N J T Selander 1899 Swedish Colonel O W Virgin 1899 Swedish Major-general J I Crusenbjörn 1899 - 100129
Swedish Colonel O A Wästfelt 1898 Swedish Colonel H B Holmberg 1898 Swedish Lieutenant Colonel H R Wijkander 1898 Swedish Colonel O B Malm 1898 - 100112 Swedish Colonel J G Wikander 1898 - 100113
"Nying", a large fire at a military bivouac. 1899 "Nying", a large fire at a military bivouac. 1899 Karl Gustaf Wrangel, Swedish general and count (1613-1676). - Size 1800 x 2000 pixels.    
     Karl Gustaf Wrangel, general - 1800x2000 px    
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The first four photos on this page are from our own album. We do not know who theses soldiers is. Probably they are relatives to us who made their military service in the Swedish army in the beginning of the 20th century.  

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