J 3 - Fokker C.V-D (1928-1931)

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Swedish Air Force Fighter Aircraft J 3 Fokker CV-D. CV-E

Fokker C.V was a design an early multi-purpose aircraft. It could be fitted with different wings and different engines. The D and E versions were most successful and were sold to a number of countries. C.V-D had a span of 12,5 meters and the C.V-E a bit larger span, 15,3 m.

The Swedish Air Force decided in 1927 to purchase Fokker C.V-D as fighter aircraft (designation J 3) and Fokker C.V-E as reconnaissance aircraft (S 6). Two of each kind were bought from the Netherlands. Further one J 3 was later to be license-built in Sweden. Six more C.V-D’s were purchased from Fokker and got the designation J 3A. Seven C.V-E’s, intended as fighters,  were also license-built with the designation J 3B. However, the Fokkers proved themselves not suitable as fighter aircraft. From 1931, all of them were re-designated as reconnaissance aircraft. J 3 and J 3A became S 6A. J 3B, together with the other C.V-D’s got the designation S 6.  

The J 3’s were engined by a Bristol Jupiter VI of 420 hp.

Photo at top: The first J 3A, Sw AF/n 351, at Malmslätt (F 1) in 1928. 

Photo of diorama from Flygvapenmuseum showing a S 6A in the year of 1935.      

J 3: Length: 9,50 m. Span: 12,50, m.  Maximum take-off weight: 2,400 kg. Max. speed: 215 km/h.

Swedish Air Force Fighter Aircraft J 3 Fokker CV-D. CV-E

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