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Flygvapenmuseum The Official Museum of the Swedish Air Force. Located at Malmslätt, also called Malmen, near Linköping. Malmslätt is by many regarded as the cradle of the Swedish aviation. 

International Plastic Modellers' Society (IPMS)
IPMS Sweden
IPMS Stockholm
IPMS Uppsala
IPMS Göteborg/Gothenburg
IPMS Öresund

IPMS Dalarna
IPMS Umeå/Umeå Modellbyggarsällskap   Also on THIS page
IPMS Skaraborg
IPMS Västra Mälardalen
IPMS Sydöst
(Blekinge, Kalmar, Kronoberg and East Skåne)

Aircraft and Jets of World War II Short descriptions of 29 jet or rocket powered aircraft developed during WWII. Links to interesting web sites about WWII, mostly American and Canadian.
Lars Sundin, Stockholm. "En blogg i det blå (A blog in the Blue)". In Swedish.
Ängelholms flygmuseum. Located at the former Wing F 10 in southern Sweden. Tells the story of F 10 and much more. An aircraft hall with a fine collection of aircraft which have served at F 10.
F 15 museum at Söderhamn has an exhibition of most aircraft types that served at the now disbanded Wing F 15. Söderhamn is located at the east coast of Sweden north of Stockholm.
F 11 Museum. Located at the former base of the recconaissance Wing F 11 at Nyköping, today Stockholm-Skavsta Airport. A well-equipped museum that tells the story of the former Air Force Wing F 11. Includes a nice collection of well preserved recconaissance aircraft.
Flygmuseet F 21 at Luleå. Close to F 21, the most northern Air Force Wing in Sweden. Aircraft from different periods in the history of F 21 and much more.
Västerås flygmuseum. An unique museum with airworthy aircraft. Annual flight show. Traditions from the disbanded Wing F 1.
Svedino's Automobile and Aviation Museum at Ugglarp near Falkenberg on the Swedish West Coast has a very large collection of old cars and military and civil aircraft.
Aeroseum  - a large aviation museum in Gothenburg, located deep in the rock at the former Air Force Wing F 9 at Säve.
Jämtlands Flyg- och Lotta(WVS)museum. A large museum at the former war base Optand in the Östersund area. More than 30 aircraft, most of them with connection with the former Wing F 4. Preserved hangars from WWII and the cold war era.
Österlens Flygmuseum has probably the largest collection of J 35 Draken aircraft in the world.
Veteranflyggruppen at Uddevalla is restoring a Sk 16  - a Canadian built Harvard IIB - which once flown in the Swedish Air Force.
Peters Flygsidor (Peters Aircraft Pages) is a site run by Peter Ericson. He describes the modern aircraft of the Swedish Air Force in pictures and text. The site contains a page with squadron badges from existing and disbanded Swedish Air Force Wings. 
Håkans Aviation Page  by Håkan Gustavsson. "Voluntary Swedish aviators during the Second World",  "War Biplane Fighters from the Second World War" and some other headlines.
Stragglers - a site by Daniel Petterzon about foreign aircraft that force landed in Sweden during WWII. 
Noorduyn Norseman by  Jesper Jacobsen. A site about the Norseman that under the designation Tp 78 served in the  Swedish Air Force as ambulance aircraft.
Svensk Flyghistorisk Förening (Swedish Aviation Historical Society), the major association for aviation history in Sweden with connections to the Air Force.
Lasses Flygsida (Lasses Aviation Page) by Lars-Åke Siggelin, navigator of the Air Force. Beauiful photos of Air Force jets, mostly airborne.
Ask - Nyrop - Thulin. An annotated photo gallery about these important Swedish aviation pioneers. By Stig Kjellman, Museum of Landskrona (Landskrona Museum). Text in Swedish.

Minnessida - Kungliga Göta Flygflottilj (Memory Page - Royal Göta Air Force Wing F 9). A website with much information and many large photos devoted to the Air Force Wing F 9 at Säve near Gothenburg. The Wing existed between 1940 - 1969. Magnus Billestedt is the creator of this execellent site. Text in Swedish.

Swedish Forced Landing Collection - FLC. Foreign aircraft that made emergency landings in Sweden 1939-45. In Swedish language.
Air Force Wing F 7 at Såtenäs has a web-site of its own. So has also F 17 at Ronneby and F 21 at Luleå. 
"Caricature Aircraft Pictures" by Rob Henderson, the UK, is a site with fantastic caricature drawing of well-known aircraft, including some used by the Swedish Air Force. 
Robert Lundin is the owner of Aircraft Walkaround Center, a site "aimed at all scale model aircraft builders with a special interest in technical functions and DETAILING." Robert's own photos and links to other sites gives the model builder a photographic reference material  consisting of several thousand pictures. is a web site with photos and information about aircraft from all the world. It is run by Johan Visschedijk and Ron Dupas


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