Tp 6 - Fairchild 24 De Luxe (1940-1943)

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Swedish Air Force Floatplane Tp 6 Fairchild 24-C8CS

At the outbreak of war, many civilian aircraft were mobilized. Most of them was larger aircraft. But also lighter aircraft for liaison  was used. The Naval Aviation Wing of F 2 at Hägernäs needed  smaller aircraft for transport of personnel and liaison in their co-operation with the Navy. 

For this reason, one Fairchild 24-C8CS-De Luxe, for sure an odd bird in the Air Force, was mobilized between May of 1940 and February of 1943. Its earlier civil registration was SE-AIR (in the USA ex NC15926). 

The aircraft was high-winged and had space for four persons. It was equipped with floats. 

It was powered with a Warner Super Scarab SS50 air-cooled radial engine delivering 145 hk. 

The aircraft was designated Tp 6 and got the Air Force number 912. At the delivery of the Tp 6 in May of 1940 to the Air Force, it crashed. But it was repaired and in service again in October the same year. After its time in the Air Force, the Fairchild went back to the civil register, where it was written off in 1951 after another crash.   

The photos is taken at F 2 by Karl-Erik Björkner, who once worked as a mechanic at the base.

Length: 7,24 m. Span: 11,08 m. MTOW 1.160 kg. Max. speed: 210 km/h. 



For the Model Builder

AZ models has added a plastic model kit of Fairchild UC-61A to their Legato collection. The aircraft is a military version of Fairchild 24 and similar to the Swedish Tp 6.  Scale 1:72. Kit AZL 7232.

AZ Models / Legato - model in 1/72 of Fairchild Forwarder


Topgun, maker of resin model kits, has a Fairchild 24 / Tp 6 complete with Swedish decals. Scale 1:72.

Click on the thumbnails to get larger images!

Model of Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft Tp 6 - Fairchild 24-C8CS De Luxe. Model kit in resin by Topgun.

Swedish Air Force Floatplane Tp 6 Fairchild 24-C8CS at Hägernäs

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