The Dream of Flying

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The eternal flyer is represented by the aeronaut in the balloon.  All mean elements try to make so much difficulties as possible for the poor person in the balloon basket. The winds are blowing hard from different directions and tearing the ropes into pieces. The thunderstorms shoot dangerous arrows against the balloon filled with explosive gas. The aeronaut is far near the ground and the trees. Even if he is scared to death he resisits to give up for the raqing elements. He may soon be killed, but he is the eternal flyer who goes on and on.    

  The Englishman Sir George Cayley, sometimes known as "the father of Aerodynamics" wrote in 1809: "I feel perfectly confident, however, that this noble art (aviation) will soon be brought home to man's convenience, and that we shall be able to transport ourselves and families, and their goods and chattels, more securely by air than by water, and with a velocity of from 20 to 100 miles per hour".

He also wrote in 1846: "A hundred necks have to be broken before all the sources of accident can be ascertained and guarded against".

A bit too optimistic, we realise now...



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Lars Henriksson

Updated 2009-05-13