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Category  6 -  Archaeological findings in Sweden - Arkeologiska fynd  i Sverige

The images of this chapter consist so far mainly of woodcuts and etchings from the 19th Century. Most illustrates archaeological  findings from the Swedish West Coast. Also some photographs taken by myself are included. 

I have divided the category “Archaeological findings in Sweden” in the follow subcategories:




Subcategory 6-1 Objects of gold 1 page  
Subcategory 6-2  Objects of silver 1 page  
Subcategory 6-3 Objects of bronze 1 page  
Subcategory 6-4 Objects of iron 1 page  
Subcategory 6-5 Objects of stone 1 page  
Subcategory 6-6 Eartenware - pottery 1 page  
Subcategory 6-7 Objects of bone and horn 1 page  
Subcategory 6-8 Ancient graves 1 page  
Subcategory 6-9 Rune stones and rock      carvings 1 page  
Others 1 page  

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