T 3 - Junkers Ju 86K (1944-1947)

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T 3 Junkers Ju 86B of Swedish Air Force Wing F 17 at Kallinge

In 1944, Wing F 17 at Kallinge, near Ronneby at the south coast of Sweden,  was formed. Commander of the Wing was Colonel Torsten Rapp, who later would become Supreme Commander of the Swedish defence. The main task for the Wing was co-operation with the Navy. Navy officers served as air observers in the common operations between the Air Force and the Navy. 

F 17 was scheduled to operate the new SAAB T 18B torpedo bomber. As this was delayed, the gap had to be filled with another aircraft. It became the old faithful servant B3 (Junkers Ju 86-K) that now were to be converted to a torpedo bomber. 15 B 3B and 13 B 3D were transferred from F 1 to F 17. The F 17 Junkers Ju 86 were given the designation T 3, but in everyday speech they were still named B 3.  

The B 3B (Junkers Ju 86K-5) was built by Junkers in Germany. It was powered by a pair of 880 hp Bristol Mercury XII radial engines.  

The B 3D - Junkers Ju 86 K-13) was licence-built in Sweden by SAAB. Powered by Polish-made Mercury XIX-engines of 905 hp. 

12 of the B 3Ds were fitted with torpedo- and mine-launching gear and were ready for service in the spring of 1945. The B 3D was chosen as a torpedo carrier because of the stronger engines. It could carry one torpedo m/41 of 850 kg (warhead 180 kg). The mine used for this variant was the torpedo-shaped m/F:9, weighing nearly 900 kg and launched with parachute. These aircraft formed the 3rd (Yellow) Squadron at F 17.  

The 12 B 3Bs formed the 2nd (Blue) Squadron and were only fitted with mine-launching gear.  They used the magnetic mine n/F:7, weighing 400 kg. As well as the torpedo,  this mine was connected  with a cotton parachute to reduce the drop speed.

Reconnaissance missions over the Baltic Sea were flown as well.  

The T 3/B 3 had a defensive armament of three 7,9 mm machine guns on flexible mountings.

Photos of "Blue Ivar", Air Force Number 141 (top) and "Blue Martin", AF # 156 (below). Note the squadron insignia.

Span 22,70 m. Length 17,86 m. Height 4,90 m. MTOW 8.200 kg. Maximum speed 350 km/h.

  T 3 Junkers Ju 86 of Swedish Air Force Wing F 17 at Kallinge

Aircraft Martin Blue (the name changed to "Marianne" bythe crew) of the second (blue) squadron. The most important task of this squadron was launching of mines. The squadron symbol with the eagle holding a mine in his claws illustrates this.


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