Torpedo Bombers (1929-1946)

The torpedo aircraft in Swedish service did never play an important role, although the era lasted from 1924, when the first test were executed with a Friedrichshafen FF 49C belonging to the Navy Aviation (Marinens Flygverksamhet) to 1948, when the last torpedo was dropped from an aircraft. In the beginning of the eighties, the Navy resumed torpedo launching from the air, but now with helicopters. 

Only 31 aircraft have been involved in torpedo operations. Three of these belonged to the Navy Aviation; two Friedrichshafen FF 49C and one Heinkel HD 14. After the initial tests, two Friedrichshafens were ready to drop 35 cm torpedoes in the summer of 1925. For description of the FF 49C, see the page ”Early Navy Aviation”. 

The Heinkel HD 14, manufactured by Svenska Aero in Stockholm, was ordered in 1924 and ready for trials on September 13th 1925. The aircraft was named ”Bellona”. However, the ”Bellona” did not fulfil the requirements of the Navy. The aircraft was returned to the manufacturer. It never carried any markings.  

In 1929, torpedo aircraft, now operated by the Air Force (Flygvapnet), took to the air again, now with more successful results.  

For the torpedo aircraft used by the Swedish Air Force, see list below.  .

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 T 1 - Heinkel HD 16 (1928-1939)
Torpedo bomber T 2 Heinkel He 115

T 2 - Heinkel He 115 (1939-1952)  

193T3-blaM.jpg (76330 byte)  T 3 - Junkers Ju 86K (1945-1948)
 T 16A - Caproni Ca 313 (1942)
195T18-F17-N_LL.jpg (73637 byte)  T 18B - SAAB 18 (1947-1958)


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