Fi 3 Rediviva - A Fi-3 Cargo Glider in the Air Again - This has happened:

In 2003 a group of aviation enthusiasts met at the Air Force base F 14 at Halmstad, Sweden. An association was established - Fi-3 Rediviva Intresseförening". The goal is to build a flying replica of the cargo glider Fi-3, or Lg 105 as its designation was in the Swedish Air Force. Six of this aircraft were built, but no one is preserved. A great asset to this project is the complete set of drawings donated by Carl-Custaf Ahremark.

Further information trough Björn Hellström:

Phone 0515-76 50 29

Snail-mail: Vistorp Bossgården 1, 521 95 Kättilstorp


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